Inventory Management

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Operations Management (MGT 510)
Course Syllabus
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment Course Specification
Revised April 2007

Course Specification

Institution: Al Yamamah University
College/Department: Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

A Course Identification and General Information
1. Course title and code: Operations Management (MGT 510)
2. Credit hours: 2
3. Program(s) in which the course is offered.
(If general elective available in many programs indicate this rather than list programs) EMBA
4. Name of faculty member responsible for the course
Dr Shafiq Ahmad
5. Level/year at which this course is offered: Year 1 - First Semester 6. Pre-requisites for this course (if any)
Strategic Management I (MGT 505)
7. Co-requisites for this course (if any)
8. Location if not on main campus
B Objectives

1. Summary of the main learning outcomes for students enrolled in the course. This course enables students to understand the operational issues including designing, acquiring, operating and maintaining the facilities and processes; purchasing raw materials; controlling and maintaining inventories; and providing the proper labor needed to produce a good or service so that customers' expectations are met. This course is intended to be a survey of operating practices and models in both manufacturing and service oriented firms. It is intended to provide managers in all functional areas with sufficient knowledge to make informed "total business decisions" and to introduce standard terms and concepts for communications with operating personnel.

2. Briefly describe any plans for developing and improving the course that are being implemented. (e.g. increased use of IT or web based reference material, changes in content as a result of new research in the field)

Update the content periodically.

Using new references.

Using web references.

C. Course Description (Note: General description in the form to be used for the Bulletin or Handbook should be attached)
Course Schedule:


Reading and cases

Day 1

Operations Management
Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the text book and
(OM), Competitiveness, why related business cases
some organizations fail,

Day 2

Operation’s strategies,
productivity, factors affecting
productivity, and multifactor

Review the last part of Chapter 2 of text book
and conduct analytical analysis and numerical
problem solving for productivity and
multifactor Productivity questions

Day 3

Production planning and
material management and
inventory management

Chapter 12 and chapter 14 of the text book and
related business cases

Day 4

Just-in-Time Manufacturing ,
Supply chains and Lean

Chapter 15 of the text book and related
business cases

Day 5

Planning Capacity, Managing Chapter 5 of the text book and related business Technology; Vertical
Integration. Manufacturing

Day 6

Queuing and Line Balancing
models, and Quality

Chapter 9 and Chapter 18 of the text book and
related business cases

2. Course components (total contact hours per semester):


30 hours


/Internship: None


3. Additional private study/learning hours expected for students per week. (This should be an average :for the semester not a specific requirement in each week) Students are expected to prepare for the course at least two weeks before the course (three hours a day), in order to participate in the class. Also they have to work during the days of classes, and after finishing the classes. This will make about 21 hours a week (84 hours per month) excluding time devoted for studying for the final exams

4. Development of Learning Outcomes in Domains of Learning
For each of the domains of learning shown below...
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