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Malaysia is a wonderful country as the other knows. There are three ethnics: Malay, Chinese and India. Furthermore, there are different cultures and festivals. When we talks about Malaysia, we can know that the weather is extremely hot and dry. What we can do? Complaining? Just forget about it. We just keep sweating. It is not temporary but permanent. How pitiful is the Malaysian? Dislike the other country, China, there is spring, summer, autumn nor winter. Luckily, Malaysia has a lot of delicious food and drinks. The most popular Malay food –Nasi Lemak. Traditionally, this comes as a platter of food wrapped in banana leaves, with cucumber slices, small fried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot spicy sauce (sambal) at its core. This is not flattering. I believed everyone love this much. Malaysia is a safe country. No tsunami, earthquake nor tornado. Of course, I must be proud with where I stay now. I guess the foreigner must be envious with Malaysia. Furthermore, Malaysia civilians are very passionate. They always put their smiling emotion on their faces. They always give the warmness welcoming to the others. When you need help, they must be pleasured to lend a hand.
Dear Chelson,
How are you my dear brother? I hope you are fine. Don’t worry about me; I am fine. I am now a very strong man you know. How is the wonderful sister of mine? Pass her my greetings. Are you still deciding whether to come to Malaysia? I informed that both of you have heard that there is nothing much to do in the Malaysia and that the weather is extremely hot. Obviously, that was a tattle. Both of you got cheated! We must judge everything with sufficient evidences. We cannot just the books by its cover. Saying with no proving is not a fact. We are modern and knowledgeable people. I strongly encourage you all to visit Malaysia. Please don’t worry about this. I will be made sure that both of you enjoying the activities as I planned as well. The activities are awesome as both of you never experienced before. Trust me; it will be memorable for you all. Don’t worry about your breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as supper. I simplify my meaning. Please do a preparation to be dieted! I am not responsible for that. Malaysia’s weather is not that uncomfortable. Malaysia has some places for best experiencing cool weather too. Please take note; my semester break is from 20-31st August 2012. Trip should be started on the 20st August 2012 which is a good Monday.

It takes hours by plane from England to Malaysia. You all will reach Malaysia in the morning around 3:00 AM. That must be a tired journey. Please take care of your body. Both of you will be fetched by me in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Don’t worry; I will be driving with my new bought car, Toyota Altis Corolla. Your comfortability is strictly attaching importance to me.

First of all, we will be celebrating for Hari Raya Puasa Day 2 which is on 20 August 2012. The word Hari Raya literally means Celebration Day. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrated at the end of the Muslim month of Ramadhan. During the month of Ramadhan, Muslim from all over the world observes a month long fasting and abstinence from sun up to

Sun down. The Ramadhan month is actually a great time for a holiday to Malaysia. Since the Muslim Calendar actually follows the Lunar Cycle, the dates for Hari Raya Aidilfitri changes each year. The exact date is announced when officials from various parts of the country view the New Moon from various vantage points around the country. I will place an approximate date for future celebrations at the end of the post. While these dates will only be confirmed upon the sighting of the new moon for that period, being around during these dates will definitely give you a good chance of joining in during your holiday to Malaysia....
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