formation of malaysia

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The Constitution is a document that contains all of the order of rules and regulations constitute an important policy for removing a country's governance and administration. Determining the constitution of the Kingdom,a form of government and the rights of the people. The Constitution also contains principles that form the national institutions like the executive, legislative and judicial with the powers and role of each institution within the framework of governance and administration of the nation. Constitutions are designed to be guidelines on the pattern of political and administrative system of governance of a country, as well as provide protection to the people. The Constitution also states that the responsibility and duty of every citizen against the government and the nation. Generally constitutions are divided into two, written and non-written. Written constitution is the constitution that is collected and compiled in one document, while the Constitution was not written are all the constitutional principles that are not collected in a document such as the laws passed by parliament and court decisions. Malaysia possesses a written legal document that has been developed based on the two previous documents, namely the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1948 and the 1957 Independence Constitution.

Constitution of Malaysia, known as the Federal Constitution contains 183 items, is the supreme law in Malaysia. Constitution of Malaysia also consists of 15 sections and 13 tables. Malaysian constitution touch on the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, judiciary, the Islamic religion, nationality, national language, the special position of Malays and natives in Sabah and Sarawak and more.

Each section in the Federal Constitution contains one or more relevant articles. The contents of the constitution by section is : 1. Religious states and federal law
2. Fundamental freedoms
3. Citizenship
4. Federal
5. States
6. Relations...
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