Why I Love Malaysia

Topics: Malaysia, Chinese New Year, Sabah Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Malaysia&Malaysia&Malaysia&it is a name that I always keep in my mind. It's the place that I start my heartbeat from birth, then I grow stronger and stronger until I am now. Without doubt, I love my own country, Malaysia. I think Malaysia is an ancient wonder of nature and full of aboriginal culture.

I must confess that I love Malaysia because of its breathtaking scenery and the greenness of the rich land . It¶s about sunny and moist along the year in this country. So, our land is rich of the tropical rainforest especially in the east coast of Malaysia. Just imagine that you take the canopy walk to get a bird¶s eye view of the world¶s oldest rainforest, it sures amazed you. Besides, Malaysia is well known for its natural scenic beauty. For instance, you can experience a cave exploration at Niah Cave or mountain climbing at Mount Kinabalu. Surely this is a nice change of pace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Also, Malaysia is a cosmopolitan country but we have three major races, that is Malays, Chinese and Indians. Even though we come from different races, background, language and skin colour, we live as a big family. Instead of argument, we choose to live in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. We treat other people brotherly or sisterly and always have great respect for each other. We took every problem to round-table talks. There are also small number of natives people, which included the Kadazan, Bisayah, Iban, Melanau and so on.

Indeed, Malaysia is a country of varied cultures and traditions. Here, I met many people from different cultures and we share our faith and trust. For instance, the Malays believe the existence of Allah and their traditional costumes is µBajuKurung¶. Besides, some natives also have very unique tradition. For instance, the Kadazan people in the Penampang of Sabah. The traditional costumes for Kadazan people is µSinuangga¶ and µGaung¶. Surely you can made a breakthrough for your exploration. They also have...
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