Intro to Sociology

Topics: Sociology, Anthropology, Max Weber Pages: 5 (1173 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Intro to Sociology – 1/28

Book: Sidewalk by Dunier
Available in NYU Bookstore

March 13 – Midterm Exam 30% of Grade
May 15 – Final Exam (8 in the Morning)

Courses are central to the idea of concept & ideas. Readings and course as whole might test hypothesis like pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall (No M/C, small essays).

What is a Social Science?

Empirical, Systematic, Conceptual.
There are other realms that people think like how people believe what a society is; i.e religion, theology -> tests ethics of morality. Philosophy tries to derive truths about social relationships by deducing premises as opposed to social science.

Empirical means evidence is based on experience, instead of having holy text, insight, contemplation, literary figures; the actual experience matters. Philosophers are based on experience. Systematic -> In a systematic set up for thoughts. Poets filter their expression in their poetry. About social science, it is about the technique, the systematic approach to an issue/question.

Conceptual -> Actual Experience. Not generating random thoughts. There are over-arching concepts that organizes what we experience/choose to experience. There is a concept/theory.

There is a division in academic labor in social science. Our role, what we tend to, like anthropology, in history aspect. Anthropology is about the history of others. Anthropologists take long trips to different places of the world, far away from home. Spend time with exotic others. This is the history of anthropology. Anthropology is seen as colonialistic.

Division of Academic Labor

Anthropology: Exotic Others
Psychology: Individual Consciousness
Study of the individual thought
Political Science: Power and Authority
How things are organized. How we pose rules and regulations.

Economics: Wealth production and distribution
History: What was
-Historical, how were thing carried out in the past

Sociology is all of the above any more.
Figure it out: Sociology.
The French called social science the queen of sciences. Social science is the thing that holds everything together.

Micro-sociology (too small to see) – to study things too small Need Microscope
Example, if one arm is going to near another person, then that is picked up. The capacity of people being so hyper-aware of one another, once said, it becomes evident, and further demonstrated. In this class we study the Glances. It takes 3/10s of a second for a person to notice another that something funny is going on. This is too small is to notice. This happens, but we don’t notice it happens. We do not notice because it is too small. We need a microscope.

Macro-sociology (too big to see)
Need “Macroscope”
Examples are; Social structure of society; Government of NYU/NYC.

Us, here, now, for example:
Massive regularities of Sociology One

Microscope on Soc 1, Cantor:
28th of January 2014

Our social sense – you come to this room well aware.
We see together: size, gender, skin, and clothes.
We act together: Come in, go out, and glance…

Sociology variables are where we characterize others to others. How things are done varies in other cultures. Whether women are providers are an open question. Skin and skin color, are there 2 divisions? Black and white? Or are there 11 categories? Or is it none at all like in our culture. We do not have brown eyed neighborhoods.

When we came in 9:30 a.m. -> 90% were late.
Others were fashionably late, but nonetheless, people came in here. All of the people who pushed the key to be in this class appeared to be in this class. You have to think about it as a miracle. Old times, people did not have a mechanism to gather everyone at a time. What time? What do you mean what time? This shows the invention of time in a certain way. This fabulous bureaucracy at NYU.

Why are we here? This is a good question to ask someone.
You’re right from the...
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