Topics: Poverty, Cycle of poverty, Economic inequality Pages: 4 (881 words) Published: March 3, 2015
Professor Sandra Colavecchia
Oct.21, 2014

Assignment 1

Topic: the impact of poverty on people

Part A&B
(1) This article aims to study the topic of market wages and youth crime. Youth crime is widespread, it is caused by tons of factors. This research is to solve the question whether youth crime should be responsive to market wages.

The primary result from this research is that youth crime should be responsive to market wages. The gap between wages actually causes different crime rate in youths. More wages represent higher opportunity cost of crime, so lower wages youths are more likely to crime.

Grogger, J. (1997). Market wages and youth crime (No. w5983). National Bureau of Economic Research.

(2) There are previous research have attempted to reveal relative deprivation has significant influence on violence. The aim of this article is to find out that what is the relationship between low income, income inequality and domestic violence.

The author uses GNP as indicator of average income. The research and analysis of data show that countries with low GNP have more chances to make domestic happened. Beyond of this, it uses indicators of people’s standards of justice and legitimacy. The conclusion exactly point out that income inequality in income will cause people to make a domestic violence.

Weede, E. (1981). Income inequality, average income, and domestic violence. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 639-654.

(3) This article makes a research to investigate associations between family income, food insufficiency, and health among preschool and school-aged children from US.

By analyzing tons of data, children with poverty status and food-insufficient were significantly more likely to have worse health status and to experience more frequent stomachaches and headaches than food-sufficient children. Low income family lead more health problems in children.

Alaimo, K.,...
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