Interview script

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Hello, wont you please take a seat.
-Thank you. I have brought along my application and some of my sample music. (hand over to interviewer)

Would you like something to drink?
-No, thank you. I just had some red bull.

My name is Mr Smith and I am the manager for Band X. How was your trip in? Did you find the place ok? -There were no problems at all, other than finding parking but thankfully I was early.

Yeah, parking can definitely be an issue in this area. Good thing you wont have to come into the office too frequently. So, lets get started. Hopefully this wont take much more than 5 minutes and we can have you out of here. So, again, I am the manager for Band X and the band is in search of a new bass player. How long have you been playing the bass for? -I actually started playing the guitar when I was in grade school. But I was not a fan of it so I switched to the bass and immediately fell in love. It has been about 15 years now.

Good. Good. So I have read your application, I notice that you attended Julliard from which you graduated last year. During the time you attended you played with a band and toured local bars in the area. Can you please tell me something about yourself and why you want to join Band X? -Yes, that is correct. I graduated from Julliard with a 3.2 GPA. I was hoping my school band would stay together once we all graduated, however, 2 members moved far away while another got a job in another country. I felt that it would be best for me, instead of trying to build my own band all over again, I should try and find another band to play with. Your band is the number one band in the tristate area, which I have been following for a long time now. I hope with my ability, and opportunity to play with you guys I will be able to help the band make a big breakthrough in the business.

What do you know about the band?
-I know that the band has more of an alternative, punk rock type of style and likes to incorporate a little bit of that...
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