Interview Is the Best Method in Selection of Every Potential Employee.

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To: The University of Sunderland
From: Phong Yi Wen
Date: 1st April 2013
Subject: Interview is the best method in selection of every potential employee. 1.0 Introduction
1.1 Selection
Selection consist the process involved in choosing from applicants a suitable candidate to fill a post. During the selection, different methods can be used including tests as this may improve the chance for getting the best candidate and at the same time make sure the process is fair. As the applicant, applicant will think about what selection method will be use when they were writing the job description and person specification. It is important to spend for time planning as this may help applicant to select the best candidate for the job. 1.2 Importance of selection

Selection is important as it helps in hiring the quality employee. Bad hires cost companies significant money because they need to spend extra money for hiring and new employee training. Furthermore, selection will be the critical success factor for the organization. The organizations will deciding whether to hire for talent or fit. Generally, both company and employees take the advantage when the new hire match the ability, interest and cultural fit. And the last importance of having the selection in the company will be the legal consideration. In the selection process, the HR professional will create the most fair and rational process for all the candidates equal occasion to get the job. Besides, interviewer will just only asking interview question and using the selection tools which touch upon job help avoid differentiation. 1.3 Bad effects of selection system

As everyone knows, a good successful company will base on their own employees. Hiring a right people can help the company to get good productivity, services, satisfaction from the customers and build up the image of the company. But, if employ the wrong worker, there will come out many negative effects many aspects of daily business and productivity. There are some ways that bad hiring decision can hurt the company. The first way will be money. Once organization hired wrong people, the company had to start with another new selection process. It has to use extra cost for job posting, training fees and the last will be paying the “Wrong” employee’s salary before employment officially ends. The second way will be the morale. A failed selection will hurt the morale and productivity of good employees. If it was lower level company, workers having to take up that person’s slack may feel overworked and underappreciated. Yet, bad hire will bring up negative attitude in the workplace. And, for the third way will be confidence. Once hired wrong the worker, manager may lose confidence in their own abilities, does not have motivate energy and some of them will feel stress and guilty.

2.0 Explanation
2.1 The selection process diagram

Figure 1 : Selection process
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2.2 Types of interview
The interview will be one of the forth step in the selection process. There are 8 major types of interview which make easier for companies to select and hire the best candidate to be their new employee. The first will be informal interview. This interview leads to collect information about job, career field, company or industry. This is just an interview to let own self know more about the career which you choose for. Through this interview, you will what is the responsibility of each employee in the company and how the company operates every day. Screening and telephone interview will be the second type of interview. Phone interview is an effective way to screen candidates. It can last for 10 to 30 minutes. Candidates should make themselves prepare in anytime such as prepared to answer some challenging questions, resume, resume,...

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