Interview and Rating Method

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1. Assumption of our companyP.1
1.1 The size of companyP.1
1.1.1 Organization StructureP.1
1.1.2 Our Management AttitudeP.1
1.2 Our major products which want to trade to China marketP.1

2. The external factors what we need to concernP.2

(i) Muffler Magic (MM) backgroundP.5
(ii) Business characteristicsP.5
(iii) Human Resources Functions in MMP.5
(iv) Recommendations of recruiting, selection and training role to HR managerP.5

2b. Develop a 10 questions structured interview for Ron Brown’s service center managers can use to interview experienced technicians.

10 questions for interviewerP.6

2c. If you were Ron Brown, would you implement the professor’s recommendation addressing the presenteeism problem, in other words start paying for sick days? Why or why not?

View point of this suggestion and the explanationP.6

2d. If you were advising Ron Brown, would you recommend that he implement the professor’s skill-base pay and incentive pay plan as is? Why? Would you implement it with modifications? If you would modify it, please be specific about what you think those modifications should be, and why?

View point of this suggestion and the explanationP.6,7

1) Introduction of Performance Appraisal Definition

William and Barry (2007) introduced performance appraisal definition and history that, a hundred years ago, a merit rating system in the federal Civil Service Commission’s in America. Further, a performance appraisal was introduced by Lord & Taylor in 1914.

At the earliest of 20th century, numerous companies were basis of Frederick Tayloy’s “scientific management”to build up their performance appraisals . At a later time, Peter Drucker’s brings up an innovation idea of Management by Objectives (MBO) and a Theory X and Theory Y concept also introduced by Douglas McGregor’s in 1950s.

Nowadays, an organization usually assigns the manager to prepare a systematic assessment for employee’s performance which called performance appraisal, in normally procedure, the management has to fill out a form of assessment for appraises each staff performance once a year but not only as an yearly activities in companies.

Performance assessment functions on organization achieve various purposes, such as institute the employee development and promote paths, encourage working motivation by manager feedback, execution organization reformation, identification of training needs, set up and measure goals, recognition of organization problems and ensure assign appropriate working task.

In summary, performance appraisal can evaluate an employee’s past or present performance relative to an organization performance standard.

1. Discuss he performance appraisal tools
a) Graphic Rating Scales

It is an antique and most widely used method, traditionally, a scale range can list traits and performance values, for example, from numeric 1 to 100, it can determine the respondent score by measure the length from numeric 1 to the spot marked by respondent.

For example:-

This is simple to use also can provides a quantitative data for every employees. But oppositely, it cannot provide a standard answer for evaluation. (William & Barry, 2007) P.1

b) Alternation Ranking Method
This method can list out ranking employees from the best to worst level on a particular trait; evaluator can specify who outstanding and unsatisfactory employee is.

For Example:

It can be avoided problem with simple to use; otherwise it can cause disputation between employee and manager whereas it is not exactly fair because of probably include individual perception in rater mind.

c) Paired Comparison Method
William & Barry (2007) provided an example to explain the paired comparison method as following diagram:-

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