Internship with Credit Analysis

Topics: Bank, Credit card, Financial services Pages: 19 (4358 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Kazakhstan Institute of Management,

Economics and Strategic Research

Bang College of Business

Department of Finance


Prepared by:

Aizhan Abdirova

BSc 3


Faculty Internship Supervisor:

Asif Rehman

Department of Finance

Spring 2009


I would like to acknowledge the company supervisors and coordinators of my internship: Issa Abildayev, Alen Abdaliyev, Dmitriy Tulubayev, (the Relationship Managers of the company) for sharing their experience and deep knowledge in finance, customer relationship, and marketing, for providing valuable insight on the operation of JSC “RBS (Kazakhstan), for showing willingness to cooperate and support me during the internship process.

Also I would like to thank Professor Asif Rehman , the supervisor of my internship, for guiding me in my research project, showing cooperation, and giving advice on all the questions on the subject of this research.

I am very grateful to my family and friends for the understanding, support, and joy they bring into my life. The main thank-you is to my mother for giving me the opportunity of this high-quality education, for her care and love.

Letter of transmittal

Dear Professor Rehman,

I am very pleased to inform you about the completion of the required credit internship in the Retail and Corporate Unit of JSC “RBS (Kazakhstan)”, which lasted from March 10 till April 17 under the supervision of Abildayev Issa, Senior Relationship Manager. Your cooperation in helping to prepare this report as a faculty supervisor is highly appreciated.

Respectfully, Aizhan Abdirova.

Executive Summary

Internship that I have experienced was carried at the RBS (Kazakhstan) which is located in 78/81 Panfilov str., Alamty. My main goal was gaining valuable and beneficial practical experience in the area of Financial Institutions. The internship started from March 10 and ended on April 18.

This internship was very useful and beneficial for me because it gave me chance to apply all the knowledge that I’ve gained during the classes and it was I think best practical environment where I could see and even participate in financial and operational processes of the bank. It is also was a good opportunity for me to check my abilities and skills, to decide in what sphere I want to work in the future, to figure out my interests, values and wants.

During internship I had ability to compare different working environments and how is it to work, because previously I had working experience in JSC “Shalkiya Zink” in Financial department. I understand that my knowledge was not enough and now I am planning to continue my education in the field of finance, in order to become a good highly-qualified competitive specialist.

Table of Contents

I. Overview of Internship

a.       Student name, ID, program & specialization b.       Internship dates/Period
c.       Internship company name and address, contact information d.       Internship company supervisor’s name
e.       Internship objectives
f.        Job scope – Job description/duties & responsibilities (intro) g.       Benefits to the company
h.       Benefits to the individual/Student
i.        Student's career interest(s)
j.        Problems and difficulties if any faced during the internship period

II. Organization Part

a.       Introduction (Objective, methodology, scope, limitations) b.       Overview of the Company
c.       Management Issues
d.       Marketing Issues
e.       Finance Issues
f.        Operations Management and Information System Issues g.       Industry and Competitive Analysis
h.       Summary and Conclusions
i.        Recommendations

   III. Project Part (on a particular issue – a topic preferably related to     student’s major)

a.       Introduction (background, objective,...
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