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In the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of







I Emmanuel Moolayil hereby declare that the report entitled ”organizational study at KITEX Ltd” is a bonafied work done by me. This report is submitted in a partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Under VELS UNIVERSITY CHENNAI.

I also declare that this report has not been submitted previously by me fully or partially, for the award of my degree, diploma or other similar title of recognition.



I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr.P Govindarajan, Director of MBA for providing me an opportunity to discover the corporate world from a close perspective.

I am deeply indebted to Mr.K.C.Pillai (General Manager, Kitex Ltd) for giving me this opportunity to carry out my project in Kitex Ltd.

I also wish to show my sincere appreciation to Mr.Vincent (Personnel manager in Kitex Ltd) for guiding me through out the project and for making this a continuous learning experience.

I would also like to express my gratitude for the support and encouragement received from the entire staffs Kitex Ltd who have indirectly helped me to make this project a successful one.

Finally I am grateful to all my family and friends whose love and blessings have been a source of inspiration, courage & strength to undertake studies in pursuit of knowledge and to face the real corporate world.



1. Introduction

2. Industry Profile

3. Company Profile

4. Product Profile

5. Organization Structure

6. Functional Departments

a) Purchase Dept

b) Production Dept

c) Quality Control Dept

d) Finance & Accounts Dept

e) Marketing Dept

f) Personnel & Administration Dept

g) Store Dept

h) Exim Dept

7. Findings & Suggestions

8. Conclusion

9. Bibliography


Organization is a social unit which is deliberately constructed and reconstructed to seek specific goals. An organization comes into existence when there are a number of persons in communication and relationship to each other and are willing to contribute towards a common endeavour. The evolution or organization dates back to the early stages of human civilization when two or more persons began to cooperate and combine together for fulfilling their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and protection of life. Thus, an organization is born when people combine their efforts for some common purpose. It is a universal truth that an individual is unable to fulfill his needs and desires alone because he lacks strength, ability, and resources. S o he seeks the cooperation of other people who share goals with him.

This organization study is carried out at KITEX Ltd, Kizhakkambalam, Aluva. The organization study has been carried out to get an understanding of the structure and functioning of the organization. The study was undertaken to get an exposure to the functioning of different departments of the company. The study helps to interact with the managers of different departments and to observe the workers at their work place and to act together with them. The purpose of the study is to get a clear-cut idea about the functioning of different departments of the company.

The study is confined to one month based on the primary data obtained from the...
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