Design of Electro Magnetic Gripper

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We would like to take opportunity to express our humble gratitude to Mr. Denis ashok S under whom we executed this project. His constant guidance and willingness to share his vast knowledge made us understand this project and its manifestations in great depths and helped us to complete the assigned tasks. And also we would like to thank Mr. Pandivelan C who gave this opportunity for us.

An arrangement for gripping metallic work pieces formed of ferromagnetic materials or electrically conductive materials, by means of electromagnetic forces. The electromagnetic interaction with the part is the key issue in the electromagnetic gripping and this project helps in the realisation of concept of automation in an iron foundry. It is an assembly formed of a housing having an electromagnetic coil armature reciprocally mounted

The industrial robots are one of the most important devices for better, modern and safer automation. Requirements of today’s manufacturing industries are very high. To meet the requirements of the market many companies decide to use industrial robots for better and cheaper products. The industrial robots can perform work in many areas of the industry e.g. pick and place objects, assembly, welding, painting and many more. There are several advantages of using industrial robots in manufacturing. Some of the benefits are: •Since the robots are flexible and possible to reprogram, increases the possibility of changing in the production. •The working environment for the man becomes better and easier, because the robot can carry heavy and do dangerous work. •More efficient production for a lower cost.

•The robots can repeat the same work in exactly the same way, therefore the quality of the production increases. The robots who work in a certain area must have a suitable gripper for the work. There are many types of grippers. The most common grippers are jaw-type, vacuum and magnetic grippers. The selection of the gripper is very important as the gripper is the device between the robot and the work piece.

There are many different grippers and several types of gripping techniques. The gripper in this thesis will pick and place different notched metal sheets. The parts have different shapes and therefore different weight. The working procedure mainly comprises of :

1. Reach
2. Grip
3. Transport
4. Release

The electromagnetic gripper comprises of ‘n’ grippers depending upon the work load and are internally wounded with copper coil connected to a robotic arm, which can control the power, that when the lifting operation starts the power is supplied to the grippers then the electrical energy is converted to magnetic energy in the grippers due to the armature winding inside the gripper and due to the magnetic energy it attracts the job and hold firmly until the job is transferred to the specific place. The main criteria in the procedure is gripping of the job. DESIGNS OF GRIPPING MECHANISM:

1.It includes four electromagnets. There are two large and two small magnets. The electromagnets in middle of the gripper are the smaller ones and the magnets which sits at the far end are the larger ones

2.It includes eight electromagnets. There are six large and two small magnets. The electromagnets in the middle of the tool are the smaller ones and the electromagnets which sit at the far end and on the wings are the larger ones

3.It includes eight electromagnets. There are four large and four small magnets. The electromagnets in middle of the concept are the smaller ones and the electromagnets which sit at the far end are the larger ones....

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