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  • Cotton Mill and History Cotton

    Cotton and how it has shaped the course of history Cotton is a plant that has been used by humans for many years. Thanks to researchers and scientists‚ we now know that use of cotton dates back to at least seven thousand years according to the shreds of cloth found and written references to cotton. The oldest discovery of cotton was made in a Mexican caves. Cotton was first referred to in a Hindu book called the Rig-Veda. Therefore‚ it is believed that cotton was first used in India but people

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  • cotton gin

    became obsessed with the bottleneck in cotton production on his employer’s Georgia plantation. In 1793‚ the fledgling mechanic soon found a solution to the problem of cleaning cotton and the separation of the seed from the fiber. After a few months‚ he wrote the now-famous letter to his father in which he described his discovery: “I involuntarily happened to be thinking on the subject [of cleaning cotton] and struck out a plan of a Machine [to remove the cotton seed]…I concluded to relinquish my school

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  • Dbq Cotton

    One of the similarities between Japan and India’s mechanization of the cotton industry from the 1880s to the 1930s is the production of cotton and yarn went up with the use of machines. One difference is more men worked in India than Japan. The first topic for discussion will be about how the workers in Indian and Japanese textile factories are different‚ (Docs: 4‚ 7‚ 8‚ and 10). The second grouping will discuss hand vs. machine (Docs: 1‚ 2‚ and 6.) The last topic for discussion will be about both

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  • Cotton

    Cotton Fibers Name: Maya Abou Ajram Subject: Design Material 2 Year: Fall 2014-2015 Introduction Cotton is a soft staple fiber that grown in a form known as a boll around the seeds of the cotton plant‚ a shrub native to tropical and subtropical regions. Cotton fibers are mainly made up of cellulose. Under natural conditions‚ the cotton bolls will tend to increase the dispersion of the seeds. The cotton fibers are attached to the seeds inside the boll of the plant. There are usually six or seven seeds

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  • Cotton Textile Industries in India

    exports. It has a high weight age of over 20 per cent in the National production. It provides direct employment to over 15 million persons in the mill‚ powerloom and handloom sectors. India is the world’s second largest producer of textiles after China. It is the world’s third largest producer of cotton-after China and the USA-and the second largest cotton consumer after China. The textile industry in India is one of the oldest manufacturing sectors in the country and is currently it’s largest1.

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  • Mill Workers In Charles Kingsley's 'The Water Babies'

    Mill workers lived in small houses close to the factory work was dangerous jobs working for me. ’The Water Babies’ by Charles Kingsley‚ tells the tale of a young sweep‚ Tom. Nonetheless were better than adults. As Gaskell shows‚ at least some major Victorian Britain‚ the cotton and wool industries employed thousands of workers‚ mostly in the north of England. In textile mills children were made to clean machines while the machinery. In 1832 the use of boys for sweeping chimneys was forbidden by law

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  • Cotton Fabric

    Cotton Farming * Cotton is grown all over the world but the biggest cotton-growing nations are China‚ India‚ the United States‚ Brazil and Pakistan. After the flowers of the cotton plant have blossomed they fall off and a round green seed pod called a cotton boll remains. The cotton boll ripens in the sun and its cellulose fibers expand until they ripen and burst out of the boll. At this point the cotton plant is ready to be harvested. Cotton Harvesting * Although cotton used to be picked

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  • Cotton Industry

    Mechanization of the cotton industry in Japan and India There are some definite similarities and differences in the mechanization of the cotton industry of India and Japan starting from 1880s to 1930s. The documents show how the peasant workers wages are low in both Japan and India but the men in India were predominant to women in Japan and an increase production of using machine manufactures verses handloom weavers in both Japan and India. Firstly‚ in both Japan and India’s cotton industry‚

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  • The Cotton Gin

    The Cotton Gin The cotton gin affected the United States by improving cotton harvesting and therefore expanding farming for cotton mainly in the southern states. Many farmers increased the size of their fields and established cotton plantations. This expansion caused an economic boom but with it came an increase in slavery as slaves were needed to harvest the cotton. The increase of slavery caused the abolition movement in the north to get motivated to fight the increased slavery. The cotton

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  • Cotton Plant

    COTTON CONTENTS  INTRODUCTION.. .. .. .. .. .. .. … … … … … … … … … … … 1-3 Origin History  COTTON-CULTIVATION… … … … … … … … …. … … ……4-6   Hardiness Propagation Cultivation Processing  TYPES OF COTTON… … … … … … … … … … …

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