Internship Argumentation

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Faith Rivers
Dr. Gul Celkan
English 1101
October 22, 2012

Internship Argumentation

Internships are opportunities that many students take before graduating from college. Whether paid or unpaid, they’re beneficial to students, nonetheless. They provide experience that can’t be learned elsewhere, and also gives them an edge in comparison to students that don’t take the opportunity. Of course, internships can have their downfalls in which they may not be taken as seriously as a ‘real world’ job but the pros that internships offer outweigh the cons.

As I’m naturally a clumsy person, I would feel much more content knowing that when I go to the hospital, skilled physicians are treating me. I wouldn’t feel too safe if I knew that the doctor treating me was straight out of college, and had no experience under his belt. I would question the care that I’m under. Internships are another way for students to gain priceless experience rather than learning only from a textbook. These students are able to work in the job market, and put their skills to use. In good timing of course! They also have the chance to watch and learn from experienced personnel. Another advantage to internships is the contacts that they make while there. They’re able to branch out under these facilities, which provide them with a network of contacts to rely on.

Having the note, ‘intern at ‘x’ company’ sticks out like a green checkmark on their resume as companies appreciate this when looking at a graduates resume. It immediately makes them more competitive in the job market, and has more significance to a company. Companies know that these graduates have had similar work, and experience that they can put to good use in the company’s facility as well. Graduates are also generally prepared for the work force. These earlier interns know what they’re getting into when they’re applying for these jobs and they’re prepared. This is useful for the organizations that they’re...
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