Internet: Technology Which Changed the World

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The Internet: Technology which changed the World
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November 2008

The Internet: Technology which changed the World

The internet was introduced to the public in 1992. Many people believe the internet is one of the newest advancements in technology; however, the internet has been around for nearly a quarter of a century. (What is the Internet?, n.d., ¶ 3) After the internet was introduced to the public the world begin to change in both private and business sector. What is the internet? “The internet is a world wide collection of computer networks, cooperating with each other to exchange data using a common software standard.” (What is the Internet? ¶ 1) The internet has endless possibilities; people are able to communicate with others all over the world. The Internet has given humans more freedom than ever, because the internet is not a sole proprietorship, the government does not manage the internet, but the internet is managed by the users. Families and friends can keep in touch, share photos and with the addition of the webcam can see one another. Communication on the internet is faster and easier with email and chat rooms. The internet is cost worthy, and with only a computer, modem and subscription from an internet provider which averages about ten dollars per month, young and old can start surfing the net. (Hardmeier, 2005, ¶ 2) Research is another area the internet has enhanced. No more spending long hours in the library, simple type in the information need and with one click of the mouse, a wealth of information is instantly available. Life without the internet is hard to imagine. The internet is not only functional in personal use, but businesses have benefited from the internet, also. The ability to shop, bank and perform general business transactions has enabled business to rake in...

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