what are the various ways of communication on the internet?

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D What are the various ways of communication on the internet?Introduction Internet is a connecting between two computers or more anywhere in the world via dedicated routers and server. The Internet provides various ways of communication depending on the users’ needs and requirements. When two computers or more  are connected with the Internet, they can send and receive all kinds of information such as text, graphics, voice, video, and computer programs, this is what we called internet communication. Types of Internet communication

Personal websites that many individuals created are including blogs or web logs. Blog postings are time stamped and usually arranged with the newest item first. The reader can put their comments on every post if the owner allowed it by putting comment box on their blogs or web logs. Some blogs are like online diaries with personal information; others focus on information about a hobby or theme such as knitting, electronic devices, good book, etc. Most online blogs are written by individual bloggers there are also group blogs with multiple contributors. Nowadays, some businesses and newspapers also have started blogging as a quick publishing method. Two most popular online blogs are Wordpress and Blogger. Wiki

A Wiki is a website specially designed to allow visitors to use their browser to add, edit, or delete the site content. “Wiki” itself come from the Hawaiian word for fast, which describes the simplicity of editing and publishing through wiki software. The most famous site for this perhaps is WIKIPEDIA, an online encyclopedia that is written and edited by anyone who wants to contribute, that has millions of entries in over 20 languages. E-Mail

Email or electronic mail is the transmission of electronic message over the internet. For daily use, we prefer to use webmail because it is frees from installing and maintaining and e-mail client on every computer or devices to access e-mail. In the figure below we can see...

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