Internet Pornography

Topics: Pornography, Internet, Feminism Pages: 4 (1297 words) Published: March 27, 2013
In today’s society, the internet plays a massive role in society. The advance of internet technology in the past two decades has brought a rise in the access of internet pornography. Currently Internet pornography is readily available to any individual that can use the internet. There are no legal frameworks internationally that can regulate internet pornography (Joyce 2008). The laws against internet pornography differ from country to country, thus making the regulating it challenging. This essay will argue that internet pornography should be regulated due to three main points; firstly the availability of illegal pornography, such as, child pornography; secondly the fact that sexually explicit materials can be easily be access by any person of any age, including children; Thirdly, the moral standpoint that pornography is sexually degrading to women. Pornography can be defined as erotic behavior or material that is intended to cause sexual excitement (Dictionary 2012). It can come in many different forms or material, such as pictures, photographs, live-person presentations. Another definition is that pornography is verbal or pictorial sexually explicit material that is degrading and demeaning the role of women as mere sexual objects (MacKinnon 2007 p. 222). The first definition explains what pornography quite broadly, while the second explains it from a morally wrong type point of view (MacKinnon 2007 p. 222). The definition that describes pornography is correct, the second one is also correct depending on what ethical view the person has on it. Looking at the first definition, erotic material can include child pornography. Child pornography is illegal pornography yet it is readily available and still classed under the first definition of pornography. The distribution and viewing of child pornography through the internet is illegal in most western countries, yet internet consumers can still access it. The availability of child pornography challenges...

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