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The advent and prosperity of the Internet has provided many marketers with a platform to spread brand awareness. E-Marketing is defined by Chaffney as “The management and execution of marketing using electronic media such as the web, e-,mail, Interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media in conjunction with digital date about customers characteristics and behaviours”(Chaffney, 2006 p. 10) In “2009 brands spent half a billion pounds on internet advertisers, up from £114 million in 2002“(mintel,2010) This growth represents the fast moving nature of the web, and how important it its for firms to reach their target audience throughout it. Characteristics show ways in which companies can engage and serve consumers with the best possible service, models available help assist marketers to reach the brands full potential, and the changing nature of consumers behaviour towards the ever developing internet. The introduction of broadband can deliver rich and attractive media campaigns, along with the development of Smartphone’s, social networks and wifi there has never been a better time for marketers to invest in online advertising.

The characteristics of digital media as stated by (McDonald & Wilson,1999) “Interactivity, Intelligence, Individualisation, Integration, Industry Restructuring & Independence of Location” (Deighton 1996) points out that these aspects are inherent within a digital medium. The advent of the internet has built a pathway for consumers to be “more interactive with marketing collateral”(Chaffney 2006 p.31) The “push and pull” technique (chaffney,2006) are types of media that firms use to communicate with consumers, when it comes to e-commerce the Pull Technique is employed, (Chaffney 2006),

Customers are proactive through actively seeking out a website, therefore marketers have less control and physical stimuli needs provided in order encourage repeat visits. when the consumer searches for information the website can gain information on the visitor and respond to them, highlighting that its a key distinguishing feature of the medium(Peters 1998, et al). (Deighton 1998) Proclaimed the interactive advantages of the internet are as a means of developing long term relationships with customers” Ways in which firms can interact with consumers is throughout QR Coops for example (chaffney,2006)

Integration defined as “The concept under which a company carefully integrates and co-ordinates it many communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent message about the organisation (Kotler,,2001) It is cross functional as every contact with a website, employee, magazine ad and the physical store facilities help the customer form an image of the firm (Strauss 2006).The channels must bring together the following characteristics and link them: coherence, consistency, continuity and complementary and portray an image of the brand in order for maximal impact(Yeshion, 1998). Burberry has excelled in turning there brand image into a British Heritage theme, which trickles throughout all of their integrated communications channels.(

Due to the advances in technologies the web offers a wide range of personalisation: “A unique dialogue occurs between a company and individual customers”(Chaffney,2006 p. 330) Companies now have the advantage of offering specific products to a target segment as communications can be sent out to and Individual throughout postal mail, or to a mass audience for example newspapers (Chaffney 2006)Individual personalisation will increase consumer loyalty, as customers feel the organisation can meet their specific needs.

Industry restructuring determines the possibility of disintermediation, meaning the “removal of intermediaries” (Ryan et al 2009). It proves beneficial companies to include intermediaries in their marketing plan, for example the use of portals. ( Chaffney 2006)defines portals as “websites that act as a gateway to information and services providing on the internet...
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