Internet Dependency

Topics: MySpace, Internet, Social network service Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: September 23, 2010
Internet has been the fastest source of all kinds of information nowadays. We can just visit the net, type, click search then we can get what we need and learn what we consider as necessary in our life. Some even look up the latest news neither in the television nor in radio but instead in the internet already. Yes indeed it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get news. But, the question is, is it accurate enough to believe?

People in this generation are very dependent on the web because of the variety of things that the internet can do. It is very easy for them to spread the news through the use of web sites, forums, and blogging without undergoing security measures or even verifications. An information about an event occurred here in the Philippines can even reach the whole world in no time. This has somehow brought danger in the condition of Philippine news media in talking about the context of how it is formed.

The internet affects the precision of news concerning crucial events happening in the country and other places globally. And when a critical incident is taking place, all eyes are focused on it since it has become abundant and circulating freely in the net that everyone can have an access with it. Just like what is happening in Twitter and Face book, which are social networking sites where people starts to update their accounts regarding issues of their lives, fabricating various posts on the latest happening. They post whatever they hear on the radio and watch on the television though it’s not yet final and confirmed that eventually makes people to start exchanging unproved details thus forming up altered news. These situation leads to the weakening of the news media’s credibility in terms of propagating news stories.

It’s now then hard to control the spreading out of news to whomever in the net. Random people, even people outside the country can read it and in the long run would believe it and have, more or less the wrong...
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