Internet Dating

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Internet Dating

Can Internet Dating be considered real love? It has the basis of a relationship, but without human contact. I think that no matter how good two people connect online their actual meeting may not be as passionate as they thought it to be.

Online dating seems to be the easier way to meet people with no stress. The people can say whatever they want and not worry about what the person on the other side is thinking or what weird face they’re making. At the same time all of the information can be false and be dangerous and I don’t believe is real love. Some of these people lie about aspects of their life, for instance marital status and age. Often times they deceive these people by neglecting to mention in their profile that they are married or have kids. Some times out of nowhere we’ll get emails from strangers that want to meet you without seen our faces. I hope that these people don’t believe in love at first sight because in this situation is irrelevant. I’ve seen on television on the show Dateline on NBC that there are many risks on this kind of dating. They investigated and found out that most of these cases the people that thought that they had found real love were just being deceived by their “soul mate”. One of their investigations that struck me was the one of an older lady who was talking online with whom she thought was her future husband. This person told her that he was starting a business for the both of them and all she had to do was to send him thousands of dollars. When she sent the money and was waiting for a response she learned that the person she was talking to was located in Turkey and never to be heard from again. This lady lost thousands of dollars and was now alone.

Also there is another dangerous side of this whole thing. Meeting the stranger that from many weeks or months you or anybody else have been talking to. Suddenly it comes to mind that we don’t really know if the person that is about to show up is real...
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