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Topics: MySpace, Facebook, Social network service Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Summary Response Paper
In this article she is talking about online dating. She believes that there is nothing wrong with it and sees it as just another method to meeting new people. She states that people have been going on blind dates for as long as the mind can remember so what is wrong with setting up your own blind date? She says that the stigma against online dating with the people in the twenty something age group is interesting. This is interesting because it is that age group that came up with and started social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. She tells you to think about it in the aspect of what do you have to lose by it? She says that by not attempting it you aren’t going to gain anything, but if you do attempt it then who knows what may come of it. You may just find your soul mate sitting on the other side of that computer screen. She also states to just be cautious. Not only with online dating but in any situation because predators aren’t only online they are everywhere. It states to be careful of what information you give out early on because you might not be talking to who you think you are. One passage in the article states that another upside to online dating is that you often get to know a person better than when meeting them face to face because judgments about superficial things may not be there. She states not to give up on meeting people through friends or talking to a person who catches your eye but to just open up and use it as another tool rather than an end of the line solution and regardless of where you are either online or at a bar to just be yourself no matter what.

I do agree with her point of view in this article. Although you do have to be careful of what information you give out and who you choose to talk to, I think online dating is a great tool. There are some people who are great looking and would have no problem finding somebody to date at a bar or public place but they simply do not have time...
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