internet advantage and disadvantage

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, File Transfer Protocol Pages: 3 (320 words) Published: September 24, 2014
In the name of Allah who is rehman and raheem
asalam u alaikum
my self malaika and im presenting the topic in front of you is internet , andvantage and disadvantages of internet first of all i will tel you about internet
what is internet?
internet is the shocial network in which we look all kinds of thing and use for go0d things and as wA system connecting computers around the world using TCP/IP, which stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, a set of standards for transmitting and receiving digital data. The Internet consists primarily of the collection of billions of interconnected webpages that are transferred using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), and are collectively known as the World Wide Web. The Internet also uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files, and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to transfer e-mail. ell as bad things to0 advantage of internet:

internet is very go0d social network in which all our problems easily do . know a days people use it as for study as well as it is use to chat from one place to another place easily ,we can use it as talk face to face by skype it is very usefull we talk as face to face just like we are infront of each other .we can easily fine every question answer and every history ,pics ,songs by the help of internet .as well as we do every kind of work .many example are like whatapp, viber,facebook,twitter etc... disadvantages of internet:

disadvantages of internet is that know days the new genration are using this social network for bad things . it is very bad way that they are going as they use these things to disturb some one to cheat some one . now days the people are using these website to their gf and bf people will kill them but all the people have ids of these things
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