International students problems

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International students problems

International students have a problem with spending their money when they study outside their country. Specifically, in the US, everything is expensive. I have faced the problem of expensive food, housing, and transportation. I think the solutions are getting help from their family, asking their scholarship for a good salary, and spending their money in the right place. First, students can get help from their family to spend their money. The help will make them feel comfortable. For example, if they get 1800$ from their scholarship, families have to give their children more to make them feel comfortable spending their money. In addition, helping from their family make them focus in their studies because when they get help, they will not worry about the money. Instead, they will focus in school and homework. That is why get help from their family, makes spending the money easier.

Second, asking their scholarships committee for a good salary. Many students want to travel inside the US in the vacations. For example, in the spring break a lot of students want to travel, but they cannot spend money for traveling because their salary is not enough. So the scholarships committee should appreciate their working by giving them a good salary. Many students cannot live in a good apartment because they do not want to spend all the money for rent. For example, I know someone who studies in the US, and he lives in small apartment because the rent is so expensive in the US. He asked his scholarship committee to help him by explaining his situation, and they helped him by giving him more money. That is why asking for a good salary makes students spend their money with comfortable feeling. Lastly, students must know how to spend their money in the right place. Students should know how to organize spending their money. For example, some students spend their money on drinks and unhealthy stuff. These budget cost a lot of money, so...
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