perssuasive speech on boarding schools

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Persuasive Speech

Why should people go boarding for a year ¬¬¬¬?

“If you never try you´ll never know, and in the end, the love you take is the love you make“ - The Beatles

Teenagers need compassion, love, freedom, they need their families and of course, we need challenges and new things. Going to a boarding school is not an easy decision. It is difficult to adjust to a new envionment, to separate from your family, from your friends, from your house and from your whole life to go to a place that, maybe, you have never been or even heard about before. To a place that will become your home away from home, knowing that there will be different food, different culture, people, places and a whole lot of different and new things.

Financial costs are also a problem to many families because it is not only the expence of the school, almost every boarding school has a cafeteria in which students are given their daily meals without any cost but sometimos students want to go out for dinner, for a coffee, or even to get some snaks. Another expence can be shopping not only for desire, but also because thay will sometimos need to buy something that they didn’t take with them. There are also day trips, field trips, and vacation trips to several places, and even though they are not always obligatory, students will also be wanting to go. Those are some things that make you quiestion youself “Is it worth it?”

“Boarding schools are an education in and of itself” That means that living on a boarding school is not only learning at school, it is also learning out of school at residence by spending time with people from other countries. You learn the local language very good because you are speaking and hearing it all day long, so you practice it a lot. You also learn a lot from other countrie´s culture, traditions, likes, dislikes, and even a little bit of different languages out of spending time with friends from all around the world. Students learn to tolerate many...
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