I deserve it

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 I deserve it

Coming from a third world nation and dreaming to be someone is my first big step to success. Education is not only the basic necessity for every human being it is more than that, without it you cannot even think to survive in this world. Education is something which is going to be with you even after everyone else leave you alone. That’s the reason why I deserve it. I have always been a hard working laborious student since my childhood but due to the political instability in my country the education sector of my country has been hampered a lot and so the education system of my country is not good at all. And this is the only reason that all the students of my country have a dream of coming to the United states of the America but only of the dream comes true and so has mine, although we are provided with some scholarship it is still very expensive to survive in the USA because everything is very expensive in this country. And as an international student it is very hard for the students coming from a poor country and a poor family to survive in this country. And this is the main reason why I deserve this scholarship. the financial support that I am provided from my family is limited so the extra expensive cost of the books and the access codes are very expensive and so in order to get the books and the access codes it has been very difficult and so form this scholarship I can buy my books and the access codes ehich will help me in my studies and I do not have to worry about anything else and I can concentrate in my studies. So that is the reason why I deserve it.
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