International Marketing Plan - Apple

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Intenational Marketing Plan

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Situation Analysis
Description of product and or service

Geographic description of the target market

Environmental analysis
Cultural analysis
Economic analysis
Legal environment
Political factors and risk analysis

Evaluate the market potential of a targeted buyer/ consumer segments
Identify factors that influence their purchasing decisions Financial conditions (GDP, discretionary income, debt, credit)

Competitive analysis (SWOT)

Strategy Development

Segmentation, targeting, positioning

Marketing strategy
Promotional strategy
Pricing strategy
Channels of Distribution
Modes of entry

Action plans
Implementation and control

Timelines and milestones
Review and evaluation

Executive Summary

In 2001, Apple was having a tough time finding an undefined market that had not been well established. They realized that digital music players lacked in quality and did not have a well thought-of market. Apple branched from this idea and assigned their engineering assembly team to design the first iPod within a year’s time. After all the hard work the engineering team at Apple underwent, the Apple iPod was made public. On October 23, 2001, Apple introduced the first series of iPods to the world (Schlender, 2001). The iPod is designed to store media on a built-in hard drive or by the use of flash memory. It also serves as an external data storage device when connected to a computer. It plays media files anywhere a user chooses and is designed in a very convenient size. In 2003, Apple released another series of iPods that included the iTunes software. iTunes is program that stores a comprehensive library of the users music, video and photos on their computer (Donovan, 2006). This program can play, download and rip music from a CD onto the library and is exclusive to Apple iPods. The Apple iPod is the world’s best selling digital audio player. Over 50 million iPods have been sold throughout the world, since its release (Hesseldahl, 2005). It dominates the market and has become a generic name when referring to MP3 players. The mental association most people make with digital music players is the Apple iPod. The market share Apple had in the Untied States in 2004 for all MP3 player types was over 70% of the market (Hesseldahl, 2005). The iPod has also caused a halo effect which encourages users to switch to Apple products. Apparently, Apple Corporation is correctly implementing numerous advertising and marketing. I will attempt to create an international marketing plan for the Apple iPod in the United Kingdom. It’s a challenging task since Apple has been so successful with the iPod. Situation Analysis

Description of Product and or Service

The Apple iPod and the Apple iTunes brand names, designs and symbols have helped to differentiate them from their competitors. The iPod encompasses the personality dimension of excitement and competence. The imaginative, tech-savvy image along with being recognized as an intelligent and successful brand has put them in a league of their own. The functional attributes of “1,000 songs in your pocket” and the emotional attribute of “which iPod are you?” have been very successful for this brand. The predominate language that’s spoken in the United Kingdom is English the theme would be kept the same. Apple has gained brand recognition with the use of the lowercase "i”. It is associated with many Apple products. In fact, name switches have occurred to reflect the lowercase "i” such as the iMac which was formally known as Macintosh computer. Other products include iTunes, iChat, and iBook among other name switches ( Another recognizable aspect of the iPod is the white cord earbud headphones which has become symbolic of the iPod brand. In addition, the use of iTunes has also become part of the brand. iTunes is a...

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