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International Business
Marketing and Global Strategy

I. MUJI Branding
1. About MUJI
MUJI (Chinese Brand name:無印良品) was born a Japanese groceries store. Its brand name “MUJI” means “no brand, quality goods”. It has a wide products range, but focus on everyday groceries.

2. Brand Spirit
MUJI is a call to return to simplicity in daily life. Their primary goal is to ensure customers to not pay for what they cannot use , hope to be a compass always pointing towards the necessities in life. Simple but high quality, functional and useful, how simplify your daily life. They emphasize on recycling, avoiding waste in production, and packaging.

* Good price for a reasons
(1) Reasonable design:
MUJI designs for solving problems in daily life. The simplicity of design style is favored by many people, however, it is not only for design but also for increasing the convenience and comfort of using.

(2) Selection of materials and manufacture process :
MUJI uses the most suitable raw materials and recycled materials. It gives up the fancy appearance, and maintains the high quality. There’s no more superfluous design and fabrication on MUJI’s products.

(2)Simplification of packaging :
Focusing on true quality MUJI manufacturing processes eliminate waste and reduce costs.

3. History
MUJI was established as a private brand by the Seiyu Ltd. There was only 9 household articles, 31 kinds of food products. They began as a product brand in the supermarket chain, the Seiyu Ltd in December 1980. Seiyu is a Japanese group of supermarkets, shopping centers, and department stores. Its head office is in Akabane, Kita, and Tokyo. They have a slogan call ‘’ Lower priced for a reason ‘’ The first store opened in 1983. The first international store was opened in London, UK. In 2001, they created MUJI car with Nissan Motor Co. In 2004, MUJI opened the first store in Taiwan. Now MUJI in a multinational corporation, which own 163 stores overseas and sell more than 6000 kinds of products over the world.

[Pic 1] MUJI car 1000
[Pic 2]Logo of Seiyu Ltd

4. Products
The total number of items is 7413. Includes:
* Clothes 2063.
* Household goods 640.
* Food 640.
The range of products is really big as you can see, diversify and very useful.

At the beginning, MUJI has (9 household articles, and 31 food products, in 1980. After only 32 years, the brand became international and has a very big range of product.

5. Global Locations
* MUJI in Japan
In Japan, there are total 372 points of sale, including 256 directly managed stores, 60 licensed stores, and 56 points of sale in the Seiyu.

* Overseas stores
Concerning overseas, MUJI established a store in 1991 in London. Curently in England you can find 13 stores, 6 stores in Paris and 1 store in Milan.

MUJI is not only establish in Europe, but also in North America and all around Asia, for example Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines. MUJI s store in USA are located in NY. They are established in 19 countries in total.

6. Reasons of Success
Chic minimalist design, I mean simplicity is the major point. The design is ordinary and easy to use for each product. Concerning the concept of social responsibility, it’s for the environment with excluding waste of packaging and using recycling materials.

The word of mouth to mouth customer has a huge positive impact on MUJI position and communication.

II.MUJI Global Marketing
1. Global Marketing Environment
From the viewpoint of system theory, enterprises are just like other organizations. Both are open system rather than a close system. It means that enterprise cannot be isolated from the external environment impact; they have to doing some exchange with the environment. For example, the natural resources, the man power or the facilities etc, due to the variability and uncertainty of environment, it might caused...
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