Internal Information of Apollo Center in Vietnam

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Apollo templates for the new course

Internal Information template

1. General information

Course name: IELTS speaking and writing.

This is a highly intensive course covering the two most difficult skills of speaking and writing that most students are not able to study by themselves and good guides are very essential and important. Many students are good at reading and listening skill and achieve over 7.0 IE mark but they have some difficulties with the other skills and have the need to improve just only the skills. That is the reason to decide to set up this course.

We have made a survey (25 people) to find out the demand as well as the targeted customers of our course. Because IELTS is very important for most students at present, especially students planning to study abroad (60000 students in 2011), and English become more and more essential for many universities and companies, our course has a large potential. Out of 20 people taking part in our survey belongs to the age 15-22 and they also agree that a speaking and writing course is very helpful for them because they can’t learn by themselves skills as they are more difficult and they need the guide of teachers.

All people did the survey help us collect some useful information about fee, the number of students of each class, the essential facility as well as the potential of the course to organize the course well and meet the customer’ demand.

2. Target customers and demands

Nowadays, IELTS is very familiar to everybody, especially students learning English or planning to study abroad.


According to our survey, nearly 86% people doing our survey are students from 15-21 years old. Therefore, the main customers of our course are students from 15-23 years old. It means that they still learn in high school or university and would like to learn English for studying or working in the future. In this range of age, the demand of get the high IELTS...
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