Internal Assessment

Topics: Cattle, Protagonist, Calf Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: February 16, 2013
NAME: Sherika Maitland
GRADE: Ten Two
SCHOOL: Happy Grove High
SUBJECT: English Language
TEACHER: Miss Sinclair


I would like to thank first of all my English teacher for giving me this project, then my mom who provided me with the access of the internet and the money to print this work. Finally, I would love to thank god for giving me the strength to do this project.



My Father Sun-Sun Johnson

Com Back Old Iron Blue

A Cow Called Boy

Baba and Mr. Big

My Dictionary

My Scrap Book

C. Everal palmer

The main characters in this story are: Merton Sun-Sun Johnson and his eldest son Rami. Merton Johnson enjoyed is hard working life, who rose to the top by becoming the biggest landowner in the village of River Bottom. He was married to an elegant, out-of-the-ordinary women by the name of Debbie, where they got three loved children by the names of Rami, He had a big position, but he was generous and loves to gamble, so eventually he lost everything to his greatest rival (Jake). He lost everything including his home, his position, wife, and two of his beloved children. He was left his eldest son, Rami, who remained faithful and stayed by his side, his Mule (Lizett), his Horse (Marble) and his piece of land in River Bottom. Together they all started life all over again.

Elkanah Rhule

Come Back Old Iron Blue depicts a typical rural Jamaican Village life of the sixties. It describes life in the rural district of Rabbit Wall where during those times there was no running water or electricity. There was not even a Motor Vehicle in the district until a man by the name of Pappy McDonald decided to buy a Motor Car, the community spirit, togetherness and relationship is evident in the way the people live and interact...
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