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UNIT 301 UNDERSTANDING THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTIES OF ASSESSMENT 1.1EXPLAIN THE FUNCATIONS OF ASSESSSMENT IN LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT. During the initial assessment the assessor must ensure the learner knowledge performance and practical skills. The assessor must ensure that the learning understands their course, The assessor must explain all the units to the learner and support them in choosing the most suited units for their learner. The assessor and the learner must decide on an assessment plan. Setting dates and times to meet with the well as Agreeing on the best assessment method. The assessor will be able to use question, observation and examine the learners work. The learner must submit assignment or evidence. That their assessor must review to ensure that they have done what was asked for. The assessor must provide feedback to the learning . the feedback must be positive, constructed and encouraging. Once this has been done a feedback form must be used. Here the assessor can recommend ways of improvement and log, what agreements have been made with the learner and set deadline. The assessor needs to cross reference the leaner work with the assessment criteria to ensure the leaner work and evidence is valid and proves that the leaner is competent in the unit. 1.2

As an assessor you will be observing what the learner are doing. Asking them question and reviewing their progress. The key concepts and principles of assessments would be
The result of the initial assessment will provide the assessor with information of any previous knowledge or experience on the subject to be assessed. The information can be obtained through application form and interviews. This will help the assessor, assess the learner on any specific requirements their learner may need (I.e. their learning style or any further training they may need. ASSESSMENT PLANNING

Planning a suitable...
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