Integrated Organisational Communication

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Barker and Angelopulo (2012:43-44) state that “external market trends, trends within organizations, and societies’ demands for organizational integrity, are primary areas where change and evolution have led to the need for integration”.

The above statement is agreed to be the major contributors towards the integrated organizational communication (IOC). Therefore the aim of this essay is to summarize the three primary areas that led to integration for organizations as per, Barker and Angelopulo’s statement. Also in this essay I am going to explain how each of these areas has prompted the move towards an integrated perspective in organizational communication.

2.Summary on the three areas of communication integration

Before summarizing three areas of integration, it is important to first define what communication integration is and why it is important for organizational communication.

Therefore; Barker and Angelopulo (2012: 41), define communication integration as the “alignment of all of an organizational messages, including those created by procedures and behaviors of the organization and its people in order to communicate clearly, consistently, and with continuity within and across formal organizational boundaries”. This definition clearly states that messages have to be in sync with one another and that communication integration help organization to so communicate messages that have clarity and consistent, which is something crucial for organizational communication to benefit long-term business relationships. Therefore organizational communication in an integrated perspective allows interaction (dialogue) between the organization and its targeted audiences, Barker and Angelopulo, (2012).

Below is the summary of the three areas of communication integration, cited by Barker and Angelopulo (2012), namely external market trends, trends within organizations, and societies’ demands for organizational integrity.

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