Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan:
Reposition Tsingtao beer in UK

Executive summary

Tsingtao beer is the largest beer brewery in Asia, and always insists a philosophy of producing best beer. It is one of the best-selling beers in China, and till now has been sold to more than 70 countries. Beer market of the world develops very fast and the competition is very intensive, and market competition level is more and more higher, brand is gradually substituting price competition and product competition and becomes the most vigorous and differentiated competitive method. Tsingtao beer’s globalized brand image needs reorganization from British consumers, and its brand influence also needs to be expanded.

This article uses Chris Fill’s (2009) integrated marketing communication framework and formulates an integrated marketing communication plan about repositioning of Tsingtao beer. The following includes five parts. The first part is context analysis, in which Tsingtao beer’s business, customers, internal and external factors are analyzed. The second part is promotional objectives and repositioning, in which Tsingtao beer’s target market is introduced, and consumer group and products of Tsingtao beer are repositioned in accordance with market segmentation and research on British market. The third part is promotional strategies, the fourth part is coordinated communication mix, which illustrates marketing plan and execution, the last part is control & evaluation. (Chris Fill’s (2009))

Context Analysis

Business context
With several production processes, Tsingtao beer adopts selected high quality barley, pollution-free mineral water under 300 meters’ depth, pure high quality hops and typical high fermentation degree yeasts, and makes great efforts to pursue technology advance. Under the support of strong technology R&D, the company’s process automation control system, measurement system and micro-organism system also reach world advanced level, development of inspection methods of sugar, amino acid, nitrogen and flavored materials provides guarantee for improving and stabilizing product quality, and warranty period of beers reaches above one year with four months’ shelf period, which means international advanced level. Tsingtao beer is pure with white and exquisite foams which can last long on the cup with pure and moderate taste, and is highly welcomed by consumers. (Tsingtao Beer Official Website)

Tsingtao beer has a market share of above 21% in China market, and has a market share of 45% in Northern China regions as well as a market share of above 85% in Beijing market. Qingdao headquarters is the largest bear brewery in Asia. At present, Tsingtao beer is sold to more than 70 countries and regions with export accounting for above half of total beer export in our country. As the sixth largest beer producer in the world, Tsingtao beer ranks No.1 in beer export in China with a brand value of 42.618 billion Yuan, and also ranks top 500 of world brands. (He Zhongkui, Yang Dingtian, 2009, 03)

At the initial stage of entering British market, Tsingtao beer did not focus on making profit but focused on improving international awareness of its products and making Tsingtao beer a well-known brand in British. At present, besides steadily ranking top in sales in almost 80% of Chinese restaurants and Chinese supermarkets in British market, Tsingtao beer also has entered mainstream market such as local Tesco, Morrison, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Booth, Booker and Cash&Carry.

In British, although sales of the whole beer industry demonstrates a downward trend; in recent years Tsingtao beer always maintains a good and increasing momentum. Due to good sales performance of Tsingtao beer in British market in 2009, mainstream magazine of British bar industry The Morning Advertiser appraises Tsingtao beer as the beer brand with fastest sales growth. While in 2010, sales of Tsingtao beer in British increased 24%...
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