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Topics: Beer, Marketing, Strategic management Pages: 13 (3471 words) Published: March 22, 2009
Executive Summary

This report aims to critically analyze the brand of Tiger Beer, the flag-ship product of Asia-Pacific Breweries Singapore, through SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, competitors’ examination and its different marketing efforts by the company. This analysis is restricted geographically to the beer-consumption market in Singapore. Some recommendations are made at the end of this report with reference to the limits of the research for this paper.

Company Profile: APB and Tiger Beer

Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) produces a range of beers for sale in the Asia Pacific region and several brands that are exported to the rest of the world. APB has 14 breweries in eight countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Tiger beer is the flagship brand of Asia Pacific Breweries and is brewed in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and China. The 5% above bottled pale lager was launched in 1932 and is available in over 60 countries worldwide across Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East.

Based on the Singapore’s Beer Industry Profile by Datamonitor in December 2007, APB has a market share of 69.5% in the local beer-consumption market. Tiger Beer shares this statistic with other brands, like Anchor Beer and Baron Strong Brew, which belong to the same company.

Other than dominating the domestic market, Tiger Beer has also established itself in the Asia-Pacific region and the European markets, at the same time winning over many discerning drinkers. Currently, the brand can be found in the world’s major cities like Guangzhou, Mumbai, London, Amsterdam, Bangkok etc.

Over the years, Tiger Beer has won various international accolades and awards. The most recent major award is the Gold medal in International Golden Lagers of 2008 New Zealand International Beer Awards and Gold medal in the European Style Pilsener category of the 2004 World Beer Cup.

SWOT analysis


Over the years since 1989, Tiger beer has grown tremendously in this past 10 years. From three breweries to 11 breweries worldwide, APB’s PBIT (Profit before Interest and Taxation and exceptional items) has grown 252% to $255.2 million in 2007. Tiger Beer has also established itself as a renowned local beer in the domestic market. Singaporeans are accustomed and familiar to this brand beer-drinkers and non beer- drinkers alike. APB with a management of high competency has managed sustainable growth in the domestic and regional market. The company’s insight of an early entry into the Indochina region had driven the company to establishment in one of the world’s largest beer market.

Another strength of the company is their close association with its two successful shareholders Fraser and Neave, Limited (F&N) and Heineken International.

F&N is among the top 25 companies listed on the Singapore stock exchange, and ranks as one of the most established and successful companies in the region. Present in over 20 countries spanning Asia Pacific, Europe and USA, the Group employs close to 14,500 people worldwide.

Heineken International has the widest presence of all international brewers, thanks to the global network of distributors and 115 breweries in more than 65 countries. Heineken is the largest brewer and distributor in Europe. The global coverage is achieved through a combination of wholly-owned companies, license agreements, affiliates and strategic partnerships and alliances. The Group’s international export operations ship beer to large and profitable markets worldwide.

APB’s close association with its major shareholders facilitates the distribution of tiger Beer in Europe, North America, and other global markets.


Nevertheless, an internal weakness of APB that could compromise the firm's ability to exploit the opportunity optimally is the absence of brewing operations in several important...
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