Instructions on How to Write a Court Report How to Write a Court Report

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Instructions ON How to Write a Court Report
How to Write a Court Report
By Jesse Lanclos, eHow Contributor
A court report is a document written on behalf of someone who has been found guilty of committing a crime, and it is submitted before sentencing. Its purpose is to provide background information on the guilty party (the "client") and sufficient reasons to grant a lighter sentence or bail. You may be asked to file a court report on behalf of a minor about to be sentenced.
Things You'll Need Background information about the client Legal adviser (recommended)
How to Write a Court Report 1 Gather necessary information. Ask your client's legal adviser who is requesting the report from you, and why they are requesting it. How is the court planning on using the information? Knowing these answers will help you to stick to the point and make your court report more effective. 2 If anyone else is completing a court report on behalf of the client, find out as much information as you can about the contents of those reports. It's important to make sure the court reports don't provide conflicting information. 3 Determine how to address the person receiving the court report. If you can't find out this person's name, address the report to "The Presiding Judge" or "The Presiding Magistrate". 4 Briefly describe who you are and how you know the client. Make a brief statement stating that you are aware of the charges and you know why he is in court. 5 Write a brief description of the client's background and family history. Include any details relevant to the charges the client is facing, such as education, home life or past drug use. Then, write a short description of the steps that will be taken in the future to ensure that the crime is not committed again. Note how you plan

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