Instructions for Balloon-Powered Race Cars

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Balloon Powered Race Car Project

Learning Goal: To create a balloon powered racecar for maximum speed and distance, that can demonstrate how we can find alternative forms of energy for day to day activities.

Part I: Balloon Car due Wednesday, September 12th (60%)

Materials: balloon (Standard), straw or bendable tubing (small), various materials to construct the racers

• No more than 2 balloons may power the car. It must be balloon-powered (no rubber bands, magnets, wind-ups) • You can build the car out of anything.
• It must have at least three wheels. Wheels are defined as anything that is round and goes around. The wheels cannot be wheels from a toy car. They must be made out of something not intended as wheels. • The car may not leave the ground - no “rocket” science! (. • The car must be capable of traveling at least 2 metres (in a straight line) without a balloon refill. • You may have one partner who is in one of Mrs. Rubel’s science class. Grade depends on performance during each student’s class time and how well you use your class time.


1. You will assemble your car at school only. You can bring it home to show your parents but under no circumstances are you allowed to work on it off school grounds. 2. You will race in pairs against other classmates while calculating your speed. 3. Cars must follow rules to be eligible for awards.

4. 15 points extra credit will be awarded in three categories.

• Fastest Car (in first 5 meters)
• Farthest Distance Traveled
• “Coolest Looking”
(must show evidence of time and effort!)
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