Rubber Band Powered Vehicle

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Rubber Band Powered Vehicle

Part A: Introduction
a. Theoretical Background The rubber band car is a car powered by a single rubber band. Energy efficiency is the amount of energy that is first stored in an object. The physic's definition of energy efficiency is very similar. Their term is the linear distance traveled using the energy stored in one rubber band. Energy efficiency is usually found when an object's energy transfers into a different type of energy. For us to find this, we have to attach a rubber band onto the car and release the rubber band to make the car move forward. The physic's definition is very reasonable because the rubber is the main and only source of energy that is applied to the car.
b. Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to see how energy efficiency a rubber band car really is. We have to record the time/distance the rubber band car travels to find its energy efficiency rate.

Part B: Hypothesis We expect to find the rubber band car to move in a linear direction after the rubber band is released. This is expected because the rubber band is connected to the back axle of the car. The wheels should then be rotating which will cause the car to move forward.

Part C: Design of Experiment
Experimental Design: In this lab, we are building and testing a rubber band powered vehicle to work towards energy efficiency. After designing a base structure for the rubber band powered vehicle, we will build it and test it on the floor in school hallway. We will test the distance it traveled in the amount of time that it took for it to get there. Also the capabilities of re-use after many uses of the vehicle.
Dependent Variable: In this lab the dependent variable is the rubber band powered vehicle because it needs the rubber band to make it move. Also the rubber band needs human interaction in order to wind the rubber band up on the vehicle to make it move.
Independent Variable: Well the independent would probably be one of my

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