Instax Businessplan

Topics: Camera, Photography, Digital camera Pages: 13 (3412 words) Published: June 10, 2013
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Mochammad Ichsan, Vaidil Syahdin, Hanastasia Gunawan
& Jamaludin Husein
Business Feasibility Plan

“ we are all weaned on the still image, a form that in the age dominated by moving images, still carries remarkable powers ”

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

II. Product

III. The Market

IV. Price and Profitability

V. Plan for Further Action

VI. Appendix

VII. Bibliography


Instaline is the new brand that is dedicated as a Lifestyle Brand Inspired by Photography. According with our theme that is picked up in terms of lifestyle that inspired by photography, we headed to the camera users and community of photography which is not everyone must have a camera but only inspired in terms of taking photos.

In our paper, we explain more about the products which supported the camera enthusiast and the users as a complement in the world of photography. With the objectives the fans can feels supported by the accessories, and they can comfortably doing the process of capturing photos.

According with the above, we provide several products for the photography enthusiast like Instaclothes.

Instaclothes is a product line of T-shirts in terms the design and models related to the camera and photography.

And the other products are a bag called Instabag, this is an extraordinary bag because it designed specifically for Polaroid and Analog cameras which have their own slots to put that camera. This bag is not just for camera only, but also can be used as daily bag.

The next product is Instalbum, this is a unique photo album specifically targeted for Instax Polaroid photos. The design of Instalbum is very unique and eye catching.

In the end of the summary, we would give the reason behind all of this is to translate the passion of photographers or photography enthusiasts into their lifestyle and become their inspiration to help determine their own identity as photography lovers and can be implemented into their daily life.


Instaline is a brand that will create lifestyle products inspired by photography. Based on our theme, we will not only design products that have a useful function but those that support the passion of camera users. There are many varieties of camera users such as Analog, Polaroid, Instax, Toy Camera, phone cameras (Instagram) and digital camera users. Photography has become a habitual practice instilled into our daily lives. Everywhere people go they will take a photo to eternalize unforgettable moments. Thus, from this current situation we will take advantage and establish Instaline products that will be viable towards the market of camera users.

The main purpose of our products is to fulfill the wants and needs of the specific photography hobby segment. Based on our research, lifestyle businesses that support camera users are still rare. Therefore we want to give an alternative of local product to consumers of the photography hobby market. Nowadays foreign brands are still dominant so price of those products are expensive. Hence sparked our initiative to take advantage from this current situation and compete with other competitors who have entered Indonesia with the advantage of being a local brand.

Another reason why we wish to establish Instaline is because the competitors of this market are rare. We realize that it would be difficult to penetrate this market because it is a very specific niche market. Because the market is difficult to penetrate we will not only focus to that specific segment (photographer, hobbies). To solve that problem we will design our product so that it is more to lifestyle based with little hints of photography so that our designs will be able to reach more than just photo hobbyists. Therefore our market is not specific anymore and we will be able to tap into the general market of teenagers who like ‘cool’ stuff. It means that it is...
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