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Topics: Waterfall, Water, Niagara Falls Pages: 5 (1027 words) Published: December 9, 2014
Jennifer Tabor
English 43, Hiskey
4 December 2013
Cuyamaca Falls: A Blissful Getaway
There are tens of thousands of places to go in this world to be inspired. We simply have to discover them for ourselves. Being young, we may want to have more fun and sometimes we need to get away from our college lives; We have to breathe and find some inspiration to keep on going. I came across a place full of peace and the ability to inspire our souls. Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy the minutes as they pass and Cuyamaca falls is a place that does just that. It itsn't far; It is just a short drive to Julian. Definitely it was built to deliever to it's visitors a peaceful and inspirational enviroment. Cuyamaca falls is the perfect place to restore our inspiration in life with it's beautiful waterfalls, wildlife, serene mountain trails and it's small swimming hole.

The first reason Cuyamaca Falls is the perfect place to restore inspiration is because of it's pristine waterfalls. There are many water falls with clean sparkling water that is constantly flowing. No matter what fall you lay under it relaxes the body and eases the mind. You can walk down from fall to fall within minutes but the rocks are so slippery. Running there is impossible, so no matter how fast you want things to go, your surroundings simply won't allow it. Cuyamaca falls has no fish in the water, so there is no worrying of fish nibbling on your toes which is great. The falls create a large sized stream but not one big enough for swimming; It's great to just lay back in the water and let it flow over and past your body. Looking up into the sky inspires the heart, who knows who is looking back at you.

A second reason Cuyamaca is a great inspirational getaway is for the wildlife living on the reserve. It has many bird and squirrel and reptile life, also there is said to be mountain lions but they are a rare sight to see. The types of birds at cuyamaca falls reserve are not rare but seeing them in such a natural enviroment is a great experience. The music they create truly makes the surrounding a peaceful place. The squirrels on the other hand make themselves well seen, scattering about on the dirt ground. They love to put on shows to recieve human junk food; They like to lay flat while while turning in circles or they barry themselves in the dirt. It is a one of a kind show to see. The most intriguing wildlife at cuyamaca falls are the reptile family. Almost everywhere your eyes look towards a snake or a lizard is scurrying up the rocks and hill sides. It's nice out at cuyamaca falls; experiencing all the different animals in their natural habitat. Seeing the beauty of nature is all the inspiration you need to reconnect with mother nature.

The third reason Cuyamaca falls can be a great inspirational place is because of the serene mountain trails; there are many trails to enjoy. They wind throughout the reserve past the waterfalls and some trails go through the water streams leading to little caves. The trails are rarely small and encountering some animals is a definite. So no matter your mood the trails really offer a great peace of mind. Being surrounded by the tall trees and the smell of fresh pine really energizes the body, letting us leave with a calm outlook on life. The feeling of being in nature, surrounded by so many good vibes is all a student needs to restore inspiration for life; We live a busy life in the city, we need to blow steam and not money, so a nice walk on the trails at Cuyamaca falls would re-inspire our busy college lives to slow down and enjoy the now instead of worrying about the later. It will do wonders for the spirit and won't be hard on the bank account.

The last reason I believe Cuyamaca falls is a place full of inspiration is because of the small serene swimming hole that lays at the bottom of the waterfalls. It's small but clean, it has a rock slide and spine chilling water....
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