Hero Essay

Topics: Hero, Human, Courage Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: January 20, 2014

What is a hero? While there is no exact definition of a hero there are a few traits a hero could possess. Such as loyalty, courage, and determination. Or even something as simple as wisdom. A hero doesn't have to be someone who goes around saving the world. A hero can just be a person who takes the time to help someone out or someone that people look up to and are inspired by. The heroic traits Mr.Hassler possesses helps Sean change his ways throughout the novel. In the book Hero Sean changes a lot from the beginning of the book to the end due to Mr.Hasslers determination to make Sean realize what he is capable of achieving. The first way Sean has changed is, he has become morally right. Now when people hear the phrase "morally right" they think of phrases such as "doing the right thing" or "not getting influenced" and that's exactly what Sean has learned to do from working on Carbondale Ranch. "Then Rick turned his attention back to me. Yo, Farmboy, we still got some things to settle. I just looked at him…"(Rottman 150). Sean now knows that when someone tries to pick a fight the best thing to do is just walk away. Another way Sean has changed is he has become more hardworking. "Spreading manure wasn't a glamorous job. It required just the right amount of effort and concentration…"(Rottman 110). At the beginning of the book Sean was fine with just getting by at school, at home, and in life. But after working on Carbondale Ranch he has learned that to achieve success he must do his best work at anything he chooses to do. Along with hardworking Sean has also become forgiving.

"Does he want to come here or…"(Rottman 121). Even after all his father's past decisions, Sean is willing to forget the past, move on, and try to build a new relationship with his father. Although Sean had his flaws in the beginning, he has definitely improved a lot after working at Carbondale Ranch with Mr.Hassler. Due to Mr.Hasslers determination to help Sean improve, he...
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