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There are so many people that influenced my development and my character and one of them is my mother. My mother is loving, caring, encouraging, and much more than that. She is truly an amazing mother and she really shaped me into who I am today and who I want to be in the future. My mother inspires and motivates me to become someone who is thankful to be where i am today. I look up to my mom for advice and guidance and she is truly my shoulder to cry on. My mother always wants the best for me just like every mother wants for her daughter. my mom is my role model because she opened my eyes up in the world to see what kindness is and she taught me to always put the ones you love first in life. I can only aspire to be as generous a person as her. After I saw how amazing it is to be generous I joined many volunteering places such as friend ship circle which is an organization for children with special needs, where I can help the lives of some of the truly amazing and special children who need help. To care for those children for even one moment is priceless. I began volunteering in eleventh grade, and although it is some times hard to work with special needs children, it is rewarding to know that I can be a positive influence in their lives. My mother told me that no matter where you are you can open your doors to help others. in my future college experience I hope to continue to do kindness .
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