Input, Interaction and Sla

Topics: Teaching English as a foreign language, Learning, Education Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: January 19, 2013
When reading the book Essentials for Successful English Language Teaching by Farrell, T. S.C., & Jacobs, G., I am really impressed with chapter 4 Integrated Curricular especially the classroom implications part. It reflects the fact that language teaching should have the connection with other subjects in the curricular as well as learner’s needs and experience in order to motivate and engage students into the learning process. This is a good way to encourage the students to learn English efficiently and independently since teachers should devise ways to help their students apply English into everyday life. As an English teacher, I always inspire my students to the new ways of learning such as dictation running, vocabulary guessing, board hitting, field trip writing, and so on which can give as much help as possible to those who really want to enrich their knowledge through English. By using the term “enrich their knowledge through English”, I mean that English is not just a mandatory subject that students have to learn structures and vocabularies; it also provides a wide range of findings and knowledge related to different fields. And chapter 4 in the said book indicates just what I need since I applied these ways of teaching to my communication skills classrooms. However, I have some concern regarding the possibility of applying this method to all levels in Vietnam or just English majors and students studying communication skills?

When I read the article titled Shifting roles:From language teachers to learning advisors by Brian R. Morrison and Diego Navarro, I change my belief about the role of a teacher in a language classroom. Since I started teaching English, I've always believed that a good English teacher is the one who always makes good preparations for lessons before classes and delivers them well in the classroom. By "deliver them well", I mean the lessons are interesting and understandable to students. However, recently in the last meeting...
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