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Apple’s iPhone, The Game Changer of Smartphones


Did it unfold rapidly or did it take a long time to develop as it evolved through various incarnations?

Did the innovation change “the rules of the game”?

Was there another parallel innovation/development that “enabled” this innovation to take root?

Did it lead to the displacement of some competitors, with their positions being assumed by newer players in the industry?

How have customers responded to the innovation?

Trace the genesis of the innovation. What lead to it?

Was necessity the mother of the innovation or was it serendipity?

How has the innovation affected the market dynamics (customer choices, competitor behaviors, supplier behavior)?

In many ways the Smartphone as an industry has absolutely taken off over the past 5 years and this is mainly down to Apple and the I-Phone. This is primarily down to the fact that they affectively changed what we define as a “Smartphone”. However some of the ideas have been around for a lot longer than you think. The first ever “Smartphone” developed was the IBM Simon which was released August 16, 1994. It was the first cell phone to include telephone and PDA features together in one device.

The first mainstream “Smartphone” released in the United States was theKyocera 6035 in February 2001. The device incorporated a flip that allowed part to be used as a phone and part as a PDF.

However the Smartphone which I think really took the market by storm was the Blackberry. It was first released as an email paged in 1999 and was the dominant player of smart phones for much of the early part of the Millennium. Pretty much the majority of us had a blackberry at some point and applications such as BBM made it them very popular.

Although not a Phone in any way the IPOD creation from Apple was the product that allowed the concept of combining the two to even be a possibility. Affectively today an IPod is just an I phone without the cellular use. In January 2007 Apple released the very first I phone, which in our opinion was the biggest day in the history of the “Smartphone” market. The way that a phone and iPod were combined had not been thought of and was years ahead of its time. Current competitors Nokia, Palm, Microsoft, RIM(Blackberry) did not last long, and the introduction of the Android a few years later pretty much killed them off. The main improvements have been seen in the I phone 3 and then I phone 4s, which is why there was such disappointment in the I phone 5, despite still being a good phone and improving, it just didn’t meet up to their usual high levels of innovation that consumers were expecting. In our opinion the creation of the I-phone completely changed the game in terms of Smartphone development. When they released the phone Apple said, ‘Forget everything you know about smart phones’, and we all did. The software on other phones suddenly became extremely dated and other competitors struggled to keep up with the rapid innovation of Apple. The other main thing was the fact that the screen became purely a touch screen. There was no longer a need for keyboards, and all the hand movements and gestures worked in ways we had never imagined and seen before.

The exceptional operating system of the I-phone 4 eventually left Blackberry to fall by the way side. The once market leader which had prided itself on being for “business men” suddenly looked very dated. It was no longer any easier to use for email than the I-phone and therefore no longer had any competitive advantages, leading the weaknesses to become even more apparent. In all, credit to them despite struggling initially, Google and the droid operating system have come back very strong in the past few years. The Samsung Galaxy has caught up, and in many people’s options has finally overtaken in phone in terms of the best Smartphone on the market. The relatively disappointing I phone 5 coupled...

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