Innocent Man

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Punishment Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: March 22, 2013
A book Review of “The Innocent Man”
By, Oscar Thomas

Novelist, former attorney, and Mississippi legislator, John Grisham, wrote the book entitled Innocent Man. As a small town lawyer in the South, he experienced many events that provided him with a clear view of families and communities.  For this particular book, however, he gathered research that would provide insight to the justice system of Oklahoma and he found injustice that took the best years of a man's life.  While reading several selections Grisham book, I conclude that he is definitely pro anti-capital punishment.  He really focuses on the lack of justice in the criminal justice system in states predominately in the South and Midwest area. In these states spending any amount of money to investigate what appears to be a slam dunk case is unthinkable.  Thank goodness, Ron wasn't executed, but, unfortunately, his life was ruined.  Granted, he was not a shining star in his community, but I get the impression Grisham doesn't care about that as much as the life itself.  Again, I've read several of his books, in which he has shown a soft spot for the less educated and less connected souls who don't really know how to work the system or access what they need, especially when what they need is going to cost some serious money. Grisham focused on the appalling situation in the prison system in Oklahoma.  Not so much on the brutality of the guards, but the lack of human dignity in a way the inmates are forced to live. No one listens to them if they are innocent.  Grisham tried to sound somewhat neutral, but I personally felt he had a good bit of compassion towards Ron and his family and was excited by Ron's release from prison. Although he did seem equally distressed over the final straw of his fragile health taking the rest of his life.    It is important to note that John Grisham was an attorney, but he didn't stay in the profession, mainly because he didn't like what he'd seen; the wealthy received...
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