Inject Plastics: Case Study

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Inject Plastics

Define the Problem:

Is it the Inject Plastics’ best interest to terminate sales representative or not? Which of the 10 sales representatives should be terminated?

Formulate Alternatives:

Lay off / Terminate Sales Representatives

|Increase district’s income by 0.99% on commission from every |Lose the company’s competitive edge |
|existing customers |Lack of human resource sales force which will result to lesser |
| |new customers and profits |
| |Legal problems |

Not to lay off / Not to terminate Sales Representatives

|Customer relationship building |Overhead expense |
|Better assesses a customer’s needs | |
|New Market Opportunities (according to last year’s sales | |
|performance, the sales representatives where able to generate 51 new| |
|customers) | |
|Sales income was up 12% |

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