Infrastructure Of Nicaragua

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Jordan Kalebaugh
Infrastructure of Nicaragua
Infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise necessary for an economy to function. It is one of the most important things for a society to have. Without infrastructure, there would be no houses, offices, or streets. Infrastructure proves the necessary materials for people to survive. It provides shelter, work places, and streets. Nicaragua is the second poorest country behind Haiti and the infrastructure there is much different than here in Costa Rica and in the United States. A lot more streets in Nicaragua are not paved and they are just dirt roads, the buildings of eco hotels, hostels, and schools are different, along with the living situations of people. It is important to these people to have what they need in order to survive and provide for their families.

On our trip to Nicaragua, I noticed a lot of things that were different than Costa Rica and the United States. Most of the streets in Nicaragua we went on were not paved or were not real roads. To get to our first hotel we had to drive through the city and then go up a dirt path to it. It was hard seeing that they could not afford to pave their roads. Most roads here in Costa Rica are paved from what I have experienced. This is a sign of bad infrastructure there in Nicaragua. Also on the streets there was constant dust everywhere we went. Our van would be covered in dust once we got to our destination. It was so bad that we had to close our van windows so the dust didn’t get inside the car. When we got to certain spots and out of the van, the wind would just blow dust from the dirt roads into our eyes and mouth. The kids we went to go visit at an elementary school were covered in dirt and dust from playing outside in the dirt. Not only were the streets in bad conditions, but also the hotels and hostels in certain cities were built differently.

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