Informative Speech Shyness

Topics: Shyness, Social anxiety, Self-awareness Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: January 7, 2015
Informative Speech - Shyness
Have you ever felt your heart pounding fast in your chest that you could've sworn it was about to explode? Did you feel your palms becoming sweaty and cold? Or that your stomach tensing up in knots? Were these the symptoms that were brought about when you were about to approach someone new? Or as you sit there and anticipate on being called on by your teacher? If you answered yes to any of my questions,

then you probably have shyness. We are all susceptible to shyness. Shyness is a social anxiety so it is brought on we interact with others. In this video, I will inform you on what shyness is, what are the causes of shyness, and how to overcome it. When asked to think of someone who is shy, we associate this person with someone who is by herself, who appears tense or anxious and hesitant is when they're asked to turn to their neighbor and introduce himself. What is going on in his mind is a sense of self. A sense of self includes 3 components. 1. excessive self-consciousness- where she is aware of herself in the social situation. 2. she is experiencing excessive negative self-evaluation- where she only see herself in a negative light, 3. she is experiencing -excessive negative self-preoccupation- where she focuses on the negative things that she does, so things she does wrong. According to Dr. Bernado Carduci, a professor on psychology, he says that a sense of self does not develop until we are 18 months old. Therefore we cannot say that we are born shy. So if shyness is not caused by genetics, then what causes it? Well, there are two reasons: 1 is social encounters and 2. is parental upraising. Research show that a shy child is caught up in what is called "approach/ avoidance" conflict. He wants to socialize but he is constrained by his motivation to avoid. Studies also reveal that shy people have parents who were overly involved in their lives, to a point where they become, insensitive and even intrusive to their kids lives. In...
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