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Topics: Bill Gates, Microsoft, Warren Buffett Pages: 7 (1574 words) Published: December 2, 2013
I. Introduction
 A. Attention Getter: As college students, it is in our nature to procrastinate, whether it be doing essays hours before they’re due, 8 page research papers the night before, rushing to do last minute slides for a presentation or writing your informative speech that’s a third of our grade, during every break I had. We all, including myself, procrastinate. We can all thank Bill Gates for making our times of procrastination slightly more bearable by creating the Microsoft software that is accessible, easy to use and constantly evolving to meet consumer needs.  

B. Thesis Statement: Today I am going to inform you about Bill Gates who invented Microsoft software and started what is now known as the largest computer software, according to Dina Bass a writer for the Bloomberg Buisnessweek at, last accessed November 19, 2013. C. Preview: First I will talk about Bill Gate’s beginnings. Second I will discuss his most significant accomplishments. And third I will explain Bills Gates expanding legacy and why it continues to strive. II. Body

A. Topic Sentence: Bill Gates’s beginnings include how he was raised by his family, his education and his early development of Microsoft.  
1. Claim: Bill Gates is the middle child of three children, born on October 28, 1955 to a very competitive household  
a. Support: At last accessed September 28, 2011, Biography reports that Bill Gates was the middle child between his 2 sisters, His parent’s raised him in an environment that encouraged competitiveness and strife for excellence. He excelled in playing Monopoly, as well as subjects like math and science in school.  

b. Impact: Through Gates’s parents encouragement of competitiveness and pursuit of excellence, it instilled the importance of great achievement in Gates mind at a young age.  
2. Claim: Bill Gates was accepted to Harvard, and only attended for 2 years.  
a. Support: According to staff writer Joseph Lin of the Times List Online, at last accessed May 10, 2010, Bill Gates entered Harvard Fall of 1973, where he later dropped about just after 2 years, but is still considered “Harvard’s most successful drop out”.  

b. Impact: His short time in college paved the way for people to think that graduating college is not needed to be successful and rich in life.  
3. Claim: Bills Gates and Paul Allen formed a partnership called Microsoft.  
a. Support: According to the Windows Microsoft Website at last accessed May 22 2013, writes on how Gates and Allen invented Microsoft 1975 and predicted that, “Like most start-ups, Microsoft begins small, but has a huge vision—a computer on every desktop and in every home”  

b. Impact: The partnership that was formed to build this software is important because it was Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s ideas that lead to the development of Microsoft. Transition: Now that I have talked about Bill Gates beginnings, I will discuss his most significant accomplishments. B. Topic Sentence: Some of Bill Gates most significant accomplishments include, inspiring the era of home computers, the invention of windows 95 and becoming one of the most wealthiest men.  

1. Claim: During a time where large computers were only found in offices or a place of business Bill Gates and Paul allen inspired the idea of home computers.  
a. Support: According to Claudine Beaumont staff writer of “The Telegraph” on last accessed on June 27, 2008, she quotes Gates saying “We had dreams about the impact it could have. We talked about a computer on every desk and in every home. It’s been amazing to see so much of that dream become a reality and touch so many lives.”

b. Impact: Bill Gates with the help of Paul Allen pioneered the way for computers to become more accessible to people in their homes.  
2. Claim: Bill Gates other significant accomplishment is launching windows 95.  
a. Support: According to staff writer Dean...
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