Information Technology Management

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Information Technology Management
Question 1
As the team of a group of consultants engaged to design a network plan for a medium sized company, you are required to develop a network plan for the company. Your plan must include a covered of the following aspects: a)The type of network to be used

b)The type of topology that best fits the requirements of the company c)The server support required
d)The types of peripheral devices required
e)The communication media to be used
In many organizations, there being asked to subscribe the network plan, as a strategic level, the company needs a clear vision of the impact of information technology management. No business strategy is now complete without an information technology strategy. Moreover, information technology is not only a part of support business strategy and it even provides a strategic opportunity in its own right. Company Background

Saturn Potato Chips Inc is a mid-size manufacturing company that is newly established by five major partners. Its factory is located in China and the plant contains around 100 personnel, which includes plant workers, administrative staff, accounting and management staff etc. In recent years, people¡¦s attitudes towards physical fitness and eating habits have changed significantly; there has been an increase interest towards health and physical fitness. Saturn is highly aware of this, thus it produce delicious potato chips while aiming to achieve an image of a healthy snack food. In order to meet this business objective, Saturn¡¦s chip contains more nutrients and less fat than other brands of potato chips. In addition, their chips also available in different flavors to satisfy different customer preferences.

The company is looking for anew information system for this newly established company that is subject to a limited budget constraint. It need a system to accompany them with the best operation control in a most effective and efficient way. The nature of Saturn¡¦s business is one of which required a reasonable level of technology, and a high level support since Saturn has only begun its operation, it need to create a strong foundation in especially two systems: production and accounting. These two systems will help Saturn expand globally in the long run. Network analysis

1.The type of network to be used
Networks can be classified as either local area networks or wide areas networks. The company decided to use Local area Network (LAN) since several computers; peripheral device and server are connected together by cable within the factory. ¡§Communications networks are a collection of terminals, computers and other equipment that used communications channels to share data, information, hardware, and software; to enhance communication within an organization.¡¨ (Establishing a computer network, 2005) Since there is currently only one manufacturing plant and the company required high up time. Reasonable assurance is needed that the information system will not break down and stall the manufacturing process. According to the definition, ¡§The common applications of local area networks are hardware, resource sharing, software resources sharing and information resource sharing.¡¨ (Establishing a computer network, 2005)The local area networks are enough to use on track of customer orders to process them in an efficient way, inventory control, and schedule maintenances and data analysis. 2.The type of topology that best fits the requirements of the company There have three type of topologies; bus topology, star topology and ring topology. The company has decided to use star topology. It will allow computers in the plant to connect with a central hub off of the main trunk of the central bus. Signals will be sent out from the main computer on the trunk to the various hubs, which is turn will distribute the information to the computes connected to it. The star topology will allow for easy expansion in the future if Saturn...
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