information systems risk and security

Topics: Computer security, Authentication, Authorization Pages: 4 (915 words) Published: November 7, 2013

1.A) Integrity -This is were authorized users can access, delete and modify Information and they also preserve the consistency of the information.

Privacy -This is the protection of restricted information and identity of a client.

Implementing a security model by using the principles of privacy and integrity helps preserve the information assets of an organization. With integrity this helps to maintain the consistency of the information assets from being altered by unauthorized users. Privacy is where the personal information and identity of a client is handled securely. By personal information I mean by address, name, bank account number, and password and so on. Organizations are strongly required to take such precautions to safeguard the clients personal information they collect, process and store. This is to avoid fraud and identity theft. This also helps in preserving the organizations image to the public.

B)Defense in depth is whereby more than one layer of security is applied throughout a System. This model helps the organization to prevent security breaches and gives them an amount of time to detect where and when an attack has occurred. If an organization does not have this model to protect their assets their integrity could be destroyed, their systems could get attacked by viruses and cyber terrorism.

C)Mission objective:with the use of information security it will be effective and
Achieve maximum security to protect the computer systems
Assets of the organization.

Vision objective:the policy standards should be raised so as enforce strong
Security so as to protect the clients and make sure their
Services are very efficient and that they are getting the right
Services. Also make sure the staff understand the policies and
Improve their skills and maximise their abilities.

D)High level security approach does increase complexity. These are the factors that...

References: Algosec Inc., (2012), Examining the dangers of complexity in network security environments, Algosec Survey Insights, Rosewell GA, USA.,d.bmk
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