Information Security

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Information Security

How to provide it?

A Research Paper Presented to

The faculty of the

De La Salle Lipa

In Partial fulfillment

Of the requirements for the Course

Communication Skills 2


John Michael T. Imperial

King V. Benedicto


This research paper provides information about information security. Information security is about protection of important files and data. It is about stopping hackers from breaching over your files and maintaining the privacy, security and confidentiality of a certain files and information. This research also talks about risks and common attacks which may harm, delete, steal and lead to possible loss of your files. These threats can also show the vulnerability of your security that will lead to exposure of your files. In information security, there are three main objectives; these are confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality means the only person can access the system are the one who need the information while integrity means that the person who can only update and add files are the one who are authorized and lastly, availability is all about time management and when security is requested.


Information Security as a field is increasing in demand, for most of the companies spend increasingly larger percentages of their budgets trying to manage or stop the risks and threats. It is important to have information security for it can maintain a clear perspective of all the areas of business that need protection.

Back then, the military already wanted to provide security in prevention of stealing of files and data. Julius Caesar a roman general of Rome was credited for a security in their days which was created for prevention to put his secret messages and works to the wrong persons. After this, the information security was next developed or improved in the World War II. Then after a period of time, there was the telecommunications, hardware and software which led to what we call now “Internet”. These newly discovered things back then led to terrorism and theft. It led to many other crimes which forced people to provide stronger securities.

Nowadays, information security is used worldwide. This was proven that it can protect and secure your files. Information security is now used by many companies and organizations around the world. Information security is still improving, enhancing and going on a never ending process.

This research answers the following questions:

1. How to provide information security?

2. Is it hard to provide information security

3. What are the common problems in providing information security?

4. What are the weaknesses of the information security?

5. What are the common results of not having information security?

This research paper was started February 17, 2012 and was finished on February 25, 2012. This study talks about some topics about information security and how to provide it. It also gives some information about the common problems or threats that may occur while providing information security. However, this research paper will not entertain any questions non-related to the main topic, Fundamentals of information security. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

This research paper can give ideas or information to individuals who want to provide or have his/her own information security. In this paper, the researchers discussed the common problems and difficulties in providing individuals with their own information security.


In John A. Vaca’s Managing Information Security (p.1), Information Security is a process of protecting files, data, information, privacy and many other things, which involves protection from any harm or danger such as breaching of files or stealing of files. Hackers and viruses are often the reasons why security is needed. for hacker’s...
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